My story

Appliances, the University of Oklahoma, David Tarpenning and Campbell & Company. These are just a few of the major turning points in my life that have led me to where I am today. Here’s how they bring me to where I am today.

I grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Tulsa, Oklahoma called Berryhill. I learned a lot growing up in that small little town. My father owned a few appliance stores in Tulsa, and it’s there that my father taught me what hard work really is. He was more than qualified as well, being that he grew up on a farm, went through the military and then opened his own company at 22 years old. Between fixing, hauling and washing a variety of heavy steel machines in the suffocating Oklahoma summer makes everything else seem easy. He was also the first person to introduce my twin brother, Grant, and I to strategy. Growing up playing WWII board games a common interest for the three of us.

Attending the University of Oklahoma might be the most pivotal of all. It opened my eyes to so many things my small town hid from me. It forced me to mature more quickly than I ever had before. The people and friends I have met have had a monumental impact on me. It quickly showed me that STEM fields were clearly not what I was designed to do, receiving my first failing grade on a test in general chemistry while understanding none of it was a pretty clear sign.

David Tarpenning was the professor of my Intro to Mass Communication class spring semester my freshman year. He was the first person to ever to introduce my twin brother and me to Advertising. I had no plan at the time, so, I decided to try it. When I learned there was a strategy component of Advertising I was sold.

The summer of 2017 was the first summer for me to apply for an internship. I had a laughably barren resume, and that became very apparent as I applied for dozens of internships with either a polite email asking me to apply next year or no response at all. Until Campbell and Company called me back. They were willing to give me an internship, and at that internship is when I first learned about website creation and development.

That summer I dedicated to teaching myself coding, WordPress and other tools necessary to be effective in creating websites. I designed this website as a first attempt to familiarize and gain experience. Since then I have created several websites for different clients.

In the fall of 2017 Grant, myself and two friends, Courtney Brady and Alex Frank, decided to start a podcast and youtube channel dedicated to talking all things strategic communications. The four of us were all a part of the college of Journalism, Gaylord, beforehand, and we consistently had deep talks about brand interactions and their effects on society. We decided that we should document them as a new and interesting way to showcase our ideas and insight. That’s how ‘Stratcom101’ was born.

I have been blessed enough to be surrounded by amazing friends and family throughout my life. These people have helped me develop both professionally and personally. I will continue to push myself in these areas as I continue to grow. Thank you very much for reading this and visiting my site.