A Quick Shoutout to Nest

I am an avid viewer of YouTube. It is the world’s second largest search engine and a great platform for video content and podcasting alike.

I love shows like Joe Rogan, a host of FS1 sports talk shows and Garyvee. They provide me with different and valuable information that I apply in my daily life, but with that comes countless ads from amateurs and professionals alike. I have it playing in the background and I just heard a Nationwide commercial and then another from an amateur promoting his Facebook ad service.

Unfortunately, most of these ads are bad. They are annoying, strictly informational, and I often do my best to avoid or ignore them. There are some good commercials however, my personal favorite at this moment is one by Nest, a camera company.

The commercial shows various animals doing silly things in beautiful places to the sound of happy go-lucky music. It is just simple and silly and it made me smile. I genuinely enjoyed the commercial. They also didn’t show their product until the end, which means I had no idea I was being sold.  I was able to then direct my positive feelings to Nest happily.

Business Insider did a great job of outlining several of Nests cute and simple sports in an article you can see here. Hats off to you Nest for doing it correctly.

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