Safe and Confused

I am writing this blog post because I am not sure if we have one due this week or not. I would like an A in this class so I would rather be safe than sorry. I wanted to take this post make a thank you for Professor Croom and to reiterate some of the high and low points of the class.

To start with I wanted to thank you, professor, for your paitence and flexibility in the class. You did not treat anyone the same and recognized that this class was not the strong suit for many of your students; especially me. You were always kind with your advice and never showed irritation with anyone. You even gave myself critiques to the level of work; my first assignment was atrocious and my final shows great improvement.

This class is not without fault however. I wish it was a bit more collaborative considering it is both advertising and creative. To my knowledge these things are rarely done solo. I also wish it was more adobe focused and less copy focused, thankfully the classes are being split up.

Overall it was a great class and I can muster few complaints, thank you.

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