Goodnight Ad Copy and Layout

As the sun sets on another semester and another course this blog post lets me reflect on the things I have and have not learned in this course. I get to talk pros and cons and give my own personal OU eval. Let’s start.

It is difficult to find one single word that sums up my struggle in the class, so, instead, I will use a few of them. A worthwhile and challenging endeavor. That sounds nice.

I am not always the most technologically skilled, although I try to be, so this class presented a particularly difficult problem, but I can now at least open up a few different programs and know where everything is which is a start.

That brings me to my first critique of the class, not the teacher because I would prefer this class to be more focused. It is hard enough to learn one program little lone multiple and then learn copy as well. I think it would have been much more beneficial if one program was focused on extensively. If I had photoshop down well I feel I would be much better equipped.

Mr. Croom, you did a great job overall. You were consistently available to help and gave solid and fair critiques of work. Not only that, but they were to the level of skill. For example, you were very well aware of my skill level and future in this particular discipline and gave me critiques that reflected that. I also know there were other students who performed much better than myself, yet, you had a similar amount of critiques. You adapted to your students and did not teach with an “all things equal” mentality.

My only critique, and it is small at best, is that if a bit more energy and enthusiasm were brought to class. You seemed happy, but satisfied and content. Granted we were not the most enthusiastic class in the world, and you still did a great job overall, I just felt in there should be more collaboration and excitement in a creative course.

Maybe a free sketch day or brainstorm in which the entire class would think up something to write about or create in a program as an assignment? I am just spitballing here, but you get my point (I hope).

I am satisfied with the course given the limitations, and I am delighted with the teacher and his willingness to help. Thank you.

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