Photoshop is not picture perfect

These last few weeks we have been working with the adobe program photoshop. I think everyone has heard of photoshop and its wondrous capabilities when it comes to editing pictures, but one thing I was not aware of is that it can be used to design websites.

Well, kind of, anyway, it can design how the websites are supposed to look and then a coder can help that rest of the way. I always designed my websites through WordPress and kind of off the cuff so it was nice to get a different view through a different tool. I guess you do learn something new everyday.  

Photoshop as a program is pretty simple and easy to use. I am just not the best with it and programs like it. Really adobe suite in general honestly. I wish I would have gotten more practice when I was younger in high school because it would have made things so much easier now. I know Lynda are a great resource and something I will probably utilize more in the future.

This class is a great start, but I am glad they are splitting 

up the number of classes there are so there is higher focus on the copy and layout sections respectively. This course is a great beginners section, but I think it does need to more in-depth for those students who are more interested in the creative path of advertising.


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