Chyxs and Styxs makes me syxs

I am proud to say I, Gage Bauer, have made something in Adobe suite. It might be a very simple and awkwardly drawn puzzle piece, but it counts. It is also much better than the atrocity that the newest, and soon to be the newest failure, a bar on campus corner, Chyxs and Styx.

camera fail

Their failure can be summed up in just one sentence. They have a kids menu, and the first shot on their menu is called “sex and violence”. Yea, whoever made the menu, concept, and the idea should be put in what the equivalent of branding jail is. It is a poor job all around.

I am not hear to say my “Puzzle’s” concept, which I did not steal from How I Met Your Mother, by the way, is fantastic in its execution, but it is better than whatever terribly mislead person decided to make this become a reality.

“Puzzle’s” is a solid concept. An upscale competitor for Blackbirds that targets professionals and wealthier college kids could definitely have a place. It could easily fail, but I think it has a lot of potential to do well too. This, however, was doomed from the start.

I am not a terrible person though. I have a gift for the owners of Chyxs and Styxs, and I can guarantee if you use this it will give you a whole new perspective, Branding for Dummies.

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