Blurred Pictures

This last week was dominated by our first project in Indesign. I am a planner and that is where my heart and mind are so I spent my first two and a half days or so doing research over the brand I was working on, Snickers.

The research went well, but it’s hard to improve on the number one selling candy bar in the world whose advertising and strategy is exactly where it needs to be. I eventually settled on Snickers as an energy bar or mid-day pick me up. Not fantastic but all things considered I was satisfied. satisfied.jpg

What surprised me more was the number of students who dove in head first without doing much research at all. they had good intentions and some of them were decent but I am not sure they were founded on much research. It is probably just the difference in age as I am one of the older ones in the class.

After my research, I moved on to actually designing which was probably as painful as watching a three old try to drive a truck. I have no idea what I am doing dog.jpg But I persevered and let me tell you, it looked awful. My work was prehistoric in execution, to say the least, but made me the most irritated was the damn pixelated pictures. A classmate eventually showed me how to remedy some of the problems but it still wasn’t great.

I am still excited to learn more adobe suite because of how useful it is in creating content. I am also very thankful that letter grades are not given because I would not be passing this class even though the effort is there.

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