InDesign has me in confusion

These past two weeks have been genuinely interesting because it has been over things that I have next to no idea about. The different forms of fonts were interesting and I started to the hang of the different games that were provided. winning at games.jpg(Google images)

The teacher or Mr. Croom or whatever person I am supposed to be writing in or however I am supposed to address him/you, I am not totally sure right now. Is doing a great job and is extremely patient with a class who defies all millennials stereotypes and has almost no idea how to use Indesign. I am sure gets annoying, but at some point, you just have to sit back and laugh. This Youtube channel is extremely helpful although I am not totally sure how to update it is.

Overall I feel confident about the class and the direction it is going and cannot wait to learn Adobe suite as it is always something I have wanted to do. I just think my humungous learning curve is laughable. learning curve.png

(Google images)

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