Knee Jerk Reactions

While I am an Advertising major, and I do find the creative side of things extremely interesting, I am an Account Planner at heart. This side of the tracks is completely unfamiliar to me. Not so much from a conceptual standpoint, but from a technical standpoint.

I understand the “puking” or brainstorming process of simply throwing out anything that comes to mind. I have friends that are working to be copywriters in the industry and I can understand that point of view; even admire it. Adobe suite is a serious house of confusion for me though, and it can be quite intimidating. This class is heavily focused on these programs so it does give me a cause to be nervous and unsure; much like my dancing.                                                                                                             funny bear dancing(Google Images)

But, with that said it is also accompanied by a feeling of excitement because I have always wanted be able to use these products effectively for my own work. jonah hill excited(Google Images)

I am also taking this class while I am taking capstone, which is a little late I know, but it can help give me a better perspective and hopefully some good insights as to what the people are doing on the receiving end of the strategic insights I am feeding them. Stanford’s Design Process model really clears many of the mist from what’s going on. Another great resource for creative work that I find very useful is Creative Writing 101.


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