What this is

This blog is not necessarily a blog. A better name for it might be a journal. I plan on using this platform to document my life as I progress through college, my professional career and my daily life.

This is not something I am necessarily comfortable with either. While I’m a very social person who loves meeting new people, I’m naturally a bit more of a private person. I love asking people questions and getting to know people, but I am not going to lay my life story, or at least sensitive details, out to anyone who I’m not comfortable with. I plan on doing a version of that here, which makes me a bit nervous.

It makes me nervous because of judgment. No person necessarily enjoys being judged or critiqued in their actions or personality, but I also realize that it’s necessary for growth and success in a person. Realistically very few people will ever read this, and that’s completely okay. This is more of something to serve my own personal goals, but if someone somewhere gets something out of it this then that’s great too. If nothing else I can look back on this in 20 years and see what my thoughts, actions and perceptions were.

Who knows, I may not even carry on with this and write about a new topic, only time will tell, but for now, this is what I will be writing about. It will be a work in progress as I figure what is on and off limits in my life. Is every detail relevant, just the major points or a once a week update? It will be figured out as I go along, but for the time being, enjoy, and feel free to comment and give me feedback.


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